Apple Mac virus, dubbed ‘BackDoor.Flashback,’ infects 600,000 systems running Mac OS X, reports say

Apple’s Mac computers have popularly been lauded as “virus-free” systems compared to their PC competitors, but that could be changing.

According to , Macs are not bulletproof or impervious to viruses. Over 600,000 Macs may have recently succumbed to a “Flashback Trojan,” according to the Time report.

The Trojan, now dubbed, “BackDoor.Flashback,” has potentially infected more than 550,000 systems running Mac OS X, most of which were located in the U.S. and Canada, according to Time.

Time reported that 56.6 percent of affected Macs are in the U.S. (303,449), 19.8 percent in Canada (106,379), 12.8 percent in the U.K. (68,577) and 6.1 percent in Australia (32,527). In any other country, the estimated number is less than 1 percent.

According to the Daily Mail, the virus is delivered via infected web pages and infected computers can be controlled by cyber criminals and ‘told’ to download new malicious software.

Just visiting a web page with the virus is enough to infect your machine, according to the Daily Mail report.

Apple has issued a “Java for OS X” fix to thwart the virus. The fix should be there for you to download when you perform a manual “Software Update.”

If you think you’ve already been infected… contact us.


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