It’s a sinking feeling — maybe you’re offsite and receive a call that a mission-critical system suddenly crashed. Or you’re in your office speaking with a key customer and realize that an important piece of information is randomly missing from your systems. Perhaps you come in one morning to turn on your systems only to find that they’ve all been infected with a particularly nasty virus.

However it happens, nearly every business owner has been there at one time in the past, but getting back online is about to get a little bit easier! Crashes, natural disasters, and ransomware can cost you serious money — lost time, lost productivity, lost customers — and getting back online after an incident can be painful and time-consuming. A small investment in business continuity can provide you with serious peace of mind.

Business Continuity Solutions

From our redundant data centers to our deep experience bringing business back online quickly, our business continuity solutions provide assurance that your downtime will be minimized — if not eliminated — in the event of an incident.

  • CoreSite Miami and Datacenter Canada plus our premiere backup and recovery solutions offer you the convenience of onsite backup, plus offsite backup and disaster recovery.
  • While most of our clients use our recommended offering, if you need a different workflow we also support popular third-party, cloud-based solutions.

Regardless of which backup and recovery options you select, in the event of a disaster we can quickly create virtualized versions of your servers at one of our secure datacenters to provide you with full access to your data and business functionality while we investigate and resolve the issues with your original equipment and systems.

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