Why the cloud?

Mobility:  Access mission critical systems anywhere, anytime via any Internet connected resource.
Cost Savings:  No more buying over-spec’d servers that will never be fully utilized. Reduce capital expenditures by paying for only what you use.
Availability:  Hosting in the cloud allows for building redundancies to keep your applications available 100% of the time.

Private Cloud Infrastructure:  Refresh your servers in a fortified datacenter.
Stop buying assets. Outsource to the cloud! Rather than spending large amounts of money every 4-5 years for a new network infrastructure, pay a flat monthly fee and never worry about top-of-the-line network hardware. Western Digitech will continuously upgrade hardware with the latest equipment at no extra cost to you. We then fully manage, monitor, support and back-up these servers to ensure 99.99% uptime. This saves you a significant amount of money as this solves employee downtime. Server management, remote desktop sharing and automated data backup is securely cloud delivered to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Greater than 99.999% uptime
  • SSAE 16 Type 2 compliance – This is important for customers in highly regulated industries dealing with highly sensitive data, like finance, legal, healthcare, and government.

Hosting Services:
Hosting means you’re free to make connections, close deals, and tell your story anywhere, anytime. Companies requiring secure access to data anytime, anywhere, are turning to cloud-hosted solutions.

  • Email Hosting: Exchange solutions.
  • Hosted VoIP:  Cisco Phone solutions.

Virtual Desktop: 
Working on the go doesn’t just require a mobile device and Internet access; you need your stuff! The documents, the databases, the applications, all of it! Leveraging a cloud-delivered network management system is the answer. Vitual Desktop is a fully functional Internet-accessed PC that includes critical productivity applications. Remote desktop sharing – redefined.


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