Flat-Fee Outsourced IT  –  Pick the product that’s right for you:

IT/Essentials:  Want a guaranteed return on investment?
For a minimal flat fee we will continually monitor & update your entire network in order to proactively resolve issues before they occur. We will implement a proven process for improved uptime. A departure from traditional reactive billing, this preventative maintenance will decrease downtime and save you money. In addition… our enterprise class monitoring & management software makes it much easier to resolve common tasks while reducing the hourly fees significantly. Security updates, centralized ESET anti-virus management, disk clean-ups, blocking unwanted programs, monitoring, and implementation of best practices results in a more stable network.

IT/Assist: Could your IT department use a partner?
Perfect for companies with an in-house IT team in need of specific managed services, resources and remote desktop/server support. Pay us a flat monthly fee to assist your IT team with unlimited remote support and our IT/Essentials package. Have our team of engineers always available to help your IT team resolve difficult issues. Avoid hiring 2-3 more costly employees and get our entire team to handle the critical, yet redundant daily tasks while your IT team focuses on the high priorities and on-site support. No matter the size of your organization – leverage Western Digitech, a premier managed service provider in South Florida, Tampa, Orlando and growing.

IT/360: Virtual IT Dept + All You Can Eat Support!
Reliable and flexible IT solutions at a predictable monthly rate. An improvement from traditional IT support, IT/360™ changes the way IT is managed. Rather than acting like the typical car mechanic hoping your systems break, our managed services approach allows us to do everything we can to make sure your systems never go down or we pay (not you). Our initial on-boarding and proven processes save you thousands of dollars in lost employee downtime every month.  Augment your current IT strategy with the most comprehensive managed IT service around. Sleep well at night knowing your entire IT department is covered by us and fully backed up for additional peace of mind. This combines our IT/Essentials™, IT/Assist™  and adds Back-up & Disaster Recovery, unlimited on-site support plus our phone-ready helpdesk. You will love it.

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