Law-Firms Nationwide Looking to Technology as a Productive and Procedural Powerhouse

Western Digitech leading the charge in technology optimization for law firms across Florida

Modern business in any industry requires a reliance on technology to some degree. However, more and more often organizations in the professional services industry are looking to optimize their approach to technology and take advantage of its potential to uphold procedural compliance and drive productivity. This is becoming an especially popular trend in law firms across the country. When time is money, technology must be an active supporter of business goals and never an enemy of billable hours.

Miami’s Western Digitech have extensive experience in providing managed IT service and support to law firms across Florida. The team of IT experts at Western Digitech are taking notice of the increasing number of legal professionals who are turning to technology to optimize productivity and remain efficient and competitive in a modern market. Because they are committed to developing the best tech strategies for legal professionals, Western Digitech is taking advantage of every opportunity to keep the industry informed about the productive power of technology.

For the team of IT experts at Western Digitech, connecting with legal professionals is about more than communicating with their existing clients. Their team appreciates any opportunity to connect with legal professionals across the state – not only to share expertise and knowledge but also to learn, directly from industry professionals about specific technology challenges or needs. Western Digitech will be on hand for a variety of upcoming legal association events including:

  • Association of Legal Administrators: Suncoast Chapter – Business Partners Showcase

Hillsborough County Bar Association,

Tampa, FL

Thursday, February 16th 2017

  • Association of Legal Administrators – 2017 Legal Expo 2017

Hyatt Regency,

Miami, FL

Thursday, March 2nd 2017

Western Digitech is thrilled to be participating in both events and their team looks forward to connecting with legal professionals to learn and collaborate. “We’re really committed to being an informed and strategic tech provider for law firms across the state.” Western Digitech, CEO, Josh Kotler says. “And it’s really about so much more than attending these events to share our own experiences or tech expertise. To optimize technology for legal professionals, we need to have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the legal industry.”

“Connecting directly with legal administrators and practicing lawyers is the best way for us to develop a true understanding of the industry-specific technology challenges and needs.” Kotler continues. “Any chance we can get to better our understanding, and in turn, better the services we provide to law firms, we don’t hesitate. Ultimately, our team continually strives to be the informed and reliable technology partner that Florida law firms can trust and collaborate with. We look forward to these upcoming events and remaining a consistent and supportive presence in the Florida legal industry.”

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about Western Digitech and how their innovative technology expertise is changing the game for legal professionals across the Sunshine State, please don’t hesitate to reach out to CEO Josh Kotler to learn more.

Josh Kotler, CEO – Western Digitech
(305) 669-0119 –

About Western Digitech

Since switching from a break-fix model to providing managed services many years ago, Western Digitech has enjoyed steady growth. At present, Western Digitech has more than 20 employees in the South Florida and Tampa areas and are well on their way to becoming the largest provider of managed IT services to small businesses throughout Florida. That’s a long way to come from an origin as a two-person business providing IT services. Both founders are still involved in Western Digitech and make hands-on decisions every day. By staying true to core company values, Western Digitech has been able to make a real difference in the lives of South Florida and Tampa Bay area businesses. The Western Digitech team continually strives to create impactful relationships that drive client success.

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