When your front office isn’t self-sufficient, then your IT team — whether in-house or outsourced — will spend a great deal of time trying to mitigate problems, find files, or deal with breakdowns. Microsoft Office 365 removes many of the headaches that are found with traditional MS Office solutions: too much administration, licensing problems, and lack of training. At Western Digital, we actively look for ways to provide superb solutions like Office 365 that will scale with your business and allow you to provide timely and dynamic interaction with your customers.

Transparent Communication

Office 365 is widely recognized as the best office productivity suite available today, due to its wide range of software packages, ease of use, and cross-platform compatibility. Individuals can easily share documents and information both within the company and with external users while maintaining version control and changes.

Cloud-based Collaboration

Work remotely with clients directly from within Word and Excel by leveraging the power of the cloud-based collaboration that is baked into MS Office 365. Our professionals will help you determine the right Office 365 configuration for your particular needs — helping define business rules and allowing you to scale the application as your organization grows.

Powerful Remote Access and Security

Knowledge workers today demand the ability to work when and where they can, and Office 365 has the flexibility to allow that type of engagement with the platform. Become more productive as an organization by allowing your teams the ability to work while traveling or away from home. Advanced security features ensure that your documents are safe from prying eyes.

Migration Services

Whether you’re currently using a different office productivity suite or simply need to migrate from an older version of Office products to the new Office 365, our team is here to support you. We can help with┬álicensing┬áto save you money and will ensure that each employee has access to the tools that they need to be highly productive on a daily basis.

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